Text-related operation tools

Text-related operation tools

In the normal business, the contents of the text file such as CSV file, TXT file
There are many situations that you want to edit.
Programmers often convert, edit, or generate data.
Therefore, we recommend using text-related operation tools / utilities.
This program is provided in source code. (vb.net source)
This will make it possible to handle various cases.

Software download
(The password for decompression is "javasys_eco-bems.com")

01. Initial screen
Enter the file name with the full path and start the operation with the "START" button.
The file name input field can be entered by drag and drop.

02. “REF” button processing screen example (file open dialog)

03.Customized case screen example

04.File before and after conversion
Create a converted file in the same folder.
Add "_RES" to the file name and use it as the converted file.

Private Function DoCheckConv (ByRef s1Line As String) As String
Dim s1NewLine As String = ""
'In case of text check
'Check and output result to log file
'DoLog1_DayOfMonth (s1Line)

'For conversion
'Write to output file by returning conversion result
s1NewLine = s1Line

Return s1NewLine
End Function

The customization part is "" processing of FrmMain.vb.
Here, to record the check contents such as errors, call DoLog1_DayOfMonth (ByVal sMsg As String).

This software is free source, please use freely.
(We do not provide free support for this software, please handle at your own risk)

About version upgrade:
1. We may change this software for improvement without notice to the customer.
Requests and bug reports are accepted
Please note that the timing for upgrading this software is irregular.
2. We provide a new version of the software ("New Version") that is an improvement of this software.
It can be provided to customers for a fee or free of charge.

Our company shall not be liable for any damages caused by using or not using this software.