EcoSurvei (Energy-saving Management Software)

EcoSurvei (Energy-Saving Management Software)

Energy-saving management software: EcoSurvei
The latest version of Eco Survey
Eco Management System EcoSurvei (& Demand Eco Viewer)
(Note: The trial period of energy-saving related software including EcoSurvei will end at the end of 1th year of Reiwa.)

EcoSurvei Manual

EcoSurvei include BeLinks, BeOne / REMS-NET, ESCO-One, etc.
Compatible with energy-saving equipment (master / repeater) for air conditioners and refrigerators.
EcoSurvei is comprehensive management software for various basic settings, control settings, data acquisition, and analysis for the above devices.

The main concept of EcoSurvei is to enhance and visualize data acquisition functions
And the ability to display and analyze acquired data to increase the credibility of the analysis,
This enables more optimal energy saving settings.
(Currently, it is not clear how much data is available for analysis)
Remarks) From Ver2.0.0, the installer includes the multi-GRP version and the English version.
(Switch according to license content)
In addition to a set of control settings such as air conditioner control settings and seasonal control settings, it has an analyze function.
With the analysis function, the acquisition status of eco data required for analysis,
CH ranking based on power used and control power, CH ranking based only on control power,
At a glance, you can check air conditioner usage, month-on-month changes and year-on-year changes in usage.
You can quickly find the air conditioner that needs to be changed, saving energy.

EcoSurvei Basic Screen (Online Screen)
On the left side of the screen is demand related information including alarm information (caution / alert / limit).
(If the value exceeds the set value of Caution / Alert / Limit, the relevant part will blink.)
The right side of the screen shows the status of the slave unit as viewed from the master unit / repeater.

EcoSurvei Communication Pilot Display

EcoSurvei screen example) Eco data (from master / repeater) acquisition screen
Data that has already been acquired is skipped and only the data that does not exist is acquired

EcoSurvei screen example) Analyze screen
Status of acquired data file for the previous month (data acquisition status for one month for each CH),
Demand value (Min, Max), CH ranking of used power / control power, CH ranking of control power, etc.
Also, send the analysis contents by e-mail at the beginning of the month if specified (optional)

March 2019 Demand file check
○ = OK / × = No file / △ = File damaged / Content incorrect

There is no Min / Max aggregation due to missing or damaged demand files.

March 2019 Checking the eco data file
CH01 ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○
CH02 ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○
CH03 ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○
CH04 ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○
○ = OK / × = No file / △ = File damaged / Content incorrect

March 2019 CH ranking based on total used power and control power
CH # Use control power (kWH)
02 286.7 105.3
04 284.8 105.5
03 300.7 86.5

March 2019 CH ranking by control power value
CH # Use control power (kWH)
04 284.8 105.5
02 286.7 105.3
03 300.7 86.5

March, 2019 No eco data corruption / content illegal files.

Status of use
CH01 無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無
CH02 満満満満満満満満満上無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無
CH03 満満満満満満満満満上無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無
CH04 満満満満満満満満満上無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無無
Usage: None = not used / bottom = few / _ = normal / top = multi / full = full operation / × = no file

Change in use (Previous month comparison)
CH01 ▽
CH02 _
CH03 _
CH04 _
Usage change: _ = almost same / ▽ = reduced / △ = increased / × = no file

Change in use (Previous year comparison)
CH01 ×
CH02 ×
CH03 ×
CH04 ×
Usage change: _ = almost same / ▽ = reduced / △ = increased / × = no file

Analysis result example
Following the demand data acquisition status and the current month's Min and Max values
Data acquisition status of each slave unit, CH ranking by total of used power and control power,
Shows the CH ranking according to the control power value.
EcoSurvei screen example) CH comparison graph screen

EcoSurvei seasonal control setting screen

EcoSurvei alarm condition setting screen

Screen example) Demand alarm history screen

<The features of EcoSurvei are as follows>
1) Comparison graph for each channel (monthly) function
   You can see at a glance which air conditioner is used frequently.
   In addition, by visualizing the data acquisition status, you can grasp how authentic the summary graph is.
   (If there is unacquired data, it is obvious whether the operation status of the relevant air conditioner is correctly tabulated)
   This allows you to determine if you need to reacquire the data and compensate for the missing data.
2) Analyze function (monthly)
   To ensure energy saving, it is necessary to first grasp the current operating status of air conditioners.
   In the analysis process, the following aggregation is performed.
   1. CH ranking by total of trial power and control power
   2.CH ranking by control power value
   In addition, it is necessary to collect energy-saving data in order to perform correct tabulation.
   Analyze allows you to check the data acquisition status at a glance in the relevant month.
3) Enhancement and visualization of data acquisition function
   In data acquisition,
   1. Error retry and timeout adjustment enhance data acquisition processing.
   2. Data is acquired quickly by the function of skipping acquired data.
   3. Visualization during acquisition and acquisition makes it easier to understand the progress of the data acquisition process.
   4. Overall ease of use
Regarding the data collection function, data collection is repeated automatically at midnight,
There is a software called "AGather" that uploads to the FTP server depending on the settings.
4) Data (raw data) display function
1. By selecting in the calendar format, you can see at a glance whether or not there is data for that day and the missing state.
2. The comparison display allows you to display the data you want to compare left and right.
3. One-click operation
   The next day or the next CH data can be displayed with one click of the button.
5) E-mail function (optional function)
   It is an optional function, but when an alarm condition (caution, caution, limit) is sent,
   Automatic transmission of analysis data at the beginning of the month.

<The functions of EcoSurvei are as follows>
1. Monitoring function
* Connection status with master unit / repeater
* Time of master / repeater
* Real-time demand monitoring
(Demand value, forecast demand, various alarms)
* Status monitoring of slave units
(Slave unit connection status)

2. E-mail function (all function options)
* Email sent when an alarm occurs
※ Monthly mail transmission (sends analysis data such as demand Min and Max values of the previous month)
※ Send test mail
※ Basic mail setting
※ Mail destination setting

3. Data-related functions
* Demand data acquisition
※ Eco data acquisition (existing skip)
* Eco data acquisition (acquisition regardless of existing)
* Raw data display (demand)
* Raw data display (air conditioner data)
* Demand alarm history (acquisition & display)
※ CH comparison graph
* Analyze (Demand, eco data analysis)
* History status (power history, demand alarm history, setting change history, communication error history)
* Automatic data acquisition (previous day and previous month data) (optional)

3. Normal setting
* Air conditioner control ON / OFF setting
* Notification control setting (seasonal control setting)
* Notification control settings (seasonal control settings) (simplified version)
※ Alarm control ON / OFF setting
* Alarm control rate setting

4. Master / Slave settings
* Alarm condition setting
* Sequence control setting
※ Seasonal zone setting
※ Seasonal time zone setting
※ Seasonal time zone setting (simplified version)
* Main unit / repeater time setting
※ Change of slave unit settings
* Day control execution setting
* Day of week control data setting

5. basic setting
 ※basic setting
* Communication setting (COM / LAN selection)
※ COM port setting
* LAN (TCP / IP) settings (base unit / repeater IP address, port)
* Basic communication settings
* Basic display settings
* Master data registration
(Location master, GRP master, CH master)

Operating conditions: PC on which .NET Framework 4.0 runs comfortably (Windows7 or higher)
The screen is 1280 horizontal dots or more and 768 vertical dots or more

Eco Management System EcoSurvei MultiGRP Manual (Introduction)
Demand and EcoDataViewer Instructions
Demand / EcoDataViewer (MultiGRP / Location) Manual

About version upgrade:
1. We may change this software for improvement without notice to the customer.
The eco-survey will be upgraded (modification and function addition, etc.) sequentially.
Requests and bug reports are accepted
Please note that the timing of this software upgrade is irregular.
2. We provide a new version of the software ("New Version") that is an improvement of this software.
It can be provided to customers for a fee or free of charge.

This software basically requires one license per PC.
EcoSurvei 1PC license OPEN price
EcoSurvei (English version) 1PC license OPEN price
EcoSurvei (MultiGRP version) 1PC license OPEN price
(Please purchase in lots of 5 licenses or more)
The trial version is for a limited time only.
During the trial period, it works as usual
(Optional features are not included in the standard version)

Our company shall not be liable for any damages caused by using or not using this software.