PLCSIM / PLC simulator

PLCSIM (MELSEC-3E) communicates with Mitsubishi PLC / MELSEC (MC protocol 3E)
This is a tool for performing device READ / WRITE tests.

PLCSIM / PLC simulator (MELSEC-3E) trial version
PLCSIM / PLC simulator MELSEC (MC protocol 3E) instruction manual

PLCSIM / PLC simulator execution device configuration

Device configuration when running PLCSIM / PLC simulator (one PC configuration)

The functions of PLCSIM / PLC simulator (MELSEC-3E) are as follows
1. Read / Write simulation function
Read command reference data.
Write command data display.

2. Simulation data automatic generation function
Automatically refreshes the Read area with specified data at specified intervals (in seconds).

Mitsubishi PLC simulator main screen
Start simulation function with "START"
When a device read command comes from the PC and matches the device and address on the screen, the value is returned.
If the device and address on the screen match with the device Write command from the PC, the value is displayed.
“Reg” (register) is, for example, B, D, etc., and “StartAdr” (start address) is in decimal notation.
The upper read data can be 32 words, and the lower write data can be up to 16 words.
Word (1 word = 16 bits) data is expressed in hexadecimal Big Endian.
Read / Write commands that can be used in this program are always in word units.
Therefore, when the “B” register is specified as in the above screen, the start address is 512,
The address of the first field on the screen will be 512 and the address of the next field will be 528.
In the case of the "D" register, the first field is 512 and the next field is 513.

Here, select "TCP / IP".
The port number matches the PLC port number set in GX Developer.
This program supports only binary mode for communication.

Device set screen
Set the MELSEC MC protocol (3E) read / write device and start device number here.

Security confirmation screen at first startup
When this program is started for the first time, the security confirmation screen shown above is displayed.
Here, press the "Allow access" button.
When this program starts, it waits for a command from the PC at TCP / IP Listen.
If access is not allowed, TCP / IP commands cannot be received.
Does not work as a PLC simulator.

Main screen (PC / transmitter simulator (* 1))

About version upgrade:
1. We may change this software for improvement without notice to the customer.
PLCSIM will be upgraded (modification and addition of functions) sequentially.
Requests and bug reports are accepted (
Please note that the timing of this software upgrade is irregular.
2. We provide a new version of the software ("New Version") that is an improvement of this software.
It can be provided to customers for a fee or free of charge.

This software basically requires one license per PC.
1PC license standard price OPEN price
The trial version is for a limited time only.
During the trial period, it works as usual
(Note 1: Above case requires license purchase)

Our company shall not be liable for any damages caused by using or not using this software.