Operation of TeamViewer for Maintenance (File Transfer)

Operation of TeamViewer for Maintenance (File Transfer)

TeamViewer is recommended for maintenance of air conditioner energy saving systems.
1. On the local PCEcoSurvei,remotely operate and change the settings.
2. Energy saving data for analysis and reporting by EcoSurvei FTP upload
However, as a supplementary measure, data is acquired by remote operation,
Copy the resulting data locally with TeamViewer's file transfer feature,
You will then analyze the data and create reports.
The file transfer operation is shown here.

01. Initial screen
Select "File transfer", enter the ID of the person you want to remote,
"Connect" will start the connection for the remote.

02. Password input screen
If the connection is successful, the password input screen will be displayed next.
Here, enter the password and click the "Logon" button.

03. File transfer operation screen
If you enter the correct password in the password entry screen,
The operation screen for file transfer is displayed as shown above.
The left side of the screen is the local computer, the right side is the remote computer
View folders.

04. File transfer operation screen
Change folders to the folder you want to transfer files to.
You can transfer files as if you were copying files by dragging and dropping.

05. Remote PC screen example during file transfer operation
When the file is transferred, it will be displayed on the remote PC as shown above.

05. Free version screen after operation (license confirmation)
For actual maintenance, we recommend purchasing a license.


Win10 FileExtension Display Setting

Win10 FileExtension Display Setting

When you look at the contents of the folder in My Computer or Explorer on Windows,
The filename extension may be visible or hidden.
Display/non-display can be set according to the following procedure.

01. Right click on "Start" and select Explorer from the menu

02. Explorer screen. For example, look at the contents of the folder C:\GRP01.
Currently, it is in the extension display mode.

03. Select the "View" tab at the top of the screen
The corresponding menu/function list is displayed on the "Display" tab.
"File name extension" is checked, indicating the display mode.

04. Screen example when "File name extension" is turned off -> File name extension is not displayed.


MS-ACCESS Table Link

When using the "link table" in ACCESS,
Database files (MDB, ACCDB) are recorded/linked with full path
If the storage location of the MDB file changes, you need to relink.
New/change operation is performed by the operation of "Link table manager".
The following is the relink operation when the storage folder is changed.

01. Select the "External Data" tab

02. Initial screen when "Link Table Manager" is selected

03. All the tables used in "Select All" will be operated.

04.A dialog for selecting the MDB/ACCDB file is displayed.

05. Select the relevant MDB file and confirm with the "Open" button.

06. A dialog box indicating the completion of work is displayed.


Display with Raspberry Pi etc.

In many cases, the display monitor or projector and the PC are installed in different locations.
In this case, consider the cost rather than extending the monitor cable.
It may be better to have an indicator installed on the back of your monitor/projector.
You can also save the number of application PCs by using the intelligent display unit.

1. Display image (including signage)

2. Display system configuration
Raspberry Pi has a compact size,
Since it is fanless and diskless, there is little chance of failure, so maintainability is good.
Since it is TCP/IP communication, either wired or wireless is OK.

3. Case of incorporating the application into the Raspberry Pi
Acquire the information required for display from the DB application PC via TCP/IP communication.

4. Case of using browser for Raspberry Pi
Ajax JASON data is acquired from the Apache2 web server and displayed in real time.

5. Example of display on Windows PC
It displays with multiple sensor servers and Shinkansen (+ freight) timetable information.



The equipment of the air-conditioner energy-saving system consists of a master unit or a repeater and a slave unit.
In the configuration where there is no base unit/repeater, set directly by connecting the PC-slave unit.
To collect eco-data after delivery, connect directly with a characteristic serial cable.
At the time of shipment, basically the necessary settings have already been made, and it is mainly necessary to set the slave unit number.

01. Main screen -> each screen (launch with toolbar button)
1. Communication environment/2. Month data acquisition/3. Month data display/4. Day data acquisition/5. Day data display/6. Basic conditions

02. Basic condition -> each screen
1.Current value adjustment/2.DSP setting/3.Clock setting/4.Data reading/5.Data writing

03. Main screen -> each screen (start with menu)
1. CH name registration / 2. Seasonal control conditions / 3. Seasonal conditions / 4. Time period conditions / 5. Maintenance

04.Maintenance screen
1.Group setting/2.Group deletion/3.Slave unit continuous mode setting/4.Air conditioner operation monitor
/5.Slave unit settings/6.Temperature range setting/7.Temperature sensor number setting

05.Pickup screen: Basic condition screen
1. Current value setting/2. DSP operation setting/3. Clock setting

06. Pickup screen: Maintenance screen
1. Change Remote Unit Settings / 2. Continuous Mode Settings / 3. Remote Unit Group Settings